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54 Days


After a year of dedicated work by 116 talented and wonderful creative cast and crew, I am delighted to advise our award winning movie, 54 days is now available to rent or to own directly from our website.

Just to remind those of you that may not know our movie, 54 Days is a story about 5 people trapped in a 1960’s nuclear shelter after a biological & nuclear attack (on Sydney and elsewhere). As food & water runs out, the group are forced to make an impossible decision …

Either one of them dies or they all die…

The movie explores how each of us would react to a situation where our very survival is at stake. It is here, that our true character reveals itself; it is only here that we see who we truly are. Prepare yourself for an uncomfortable and challenging journey that twists and turns, keeps you on the edge of your seat and will make you question…

But don’t just take our word for it – as we recognise we are slightly biased… but some early reviewers seem to like 54 Days :

“54 Days … is a truly gripping bit of work that goes to show just how great cinema is that comes from Oz…” Full review available here

“4 Star Bunker Brilliance, Indie Film at its Best” Full review available here

“Surprisingly gripping, suspenseful and emotionally packed film” Richard Delamore – Acting Australia.

“A slick exercise in close-quarters tension” Simon Foster at Screen Space

So why not check it out today at http://www.54daysthemovie.com – we’d love to hear your feedback!!

Tim Lea, Writer/Director, 54 Days

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