Alice In Wonderland & The Blockchain

Rabbit Hole

When I first started my own journey of discovery into the blockchain in early 2015 after various dalliances with bitcoin over the years, I kept hearing people say “Once you go “Down The Blockchain Rabbit Hole” you will never come back!”…

Initially, I was skeptical – very skeptical. After all, I was talking to the bitcoin maximalists who were intransigent in their libertarian view of the world; that bitcoin was the first stage towards anarchy – where government was going to be dis-intermediated from society; where computer code was going to be the code of law; where Skynet was going to make one step closer to science fact from science fiction and that censorship was a thing of the ****ing past!

To my surprise, my skepticism morphed with ever-creeping osmosis into a spectrum of sheer, unadulterated, delight. I hopelessly stifled smiles from passers-by, whose sudden crossing of the street I assumed was a testament to their deep desire to bathe in the warmth of the spring sunshine awaiting them there. Perhaps their behaviour was vindicated as I screamed at the top of my lungs WTF??!!” (Where’s the future – in case you’re wondering). This was my cathartic realisation that the maximalists were right. it was my feeling of deja-vue from the very early days of the internet. But basking in the warmth of their new-found sunlight, those passers-by missed the warmth that had wrapped itself like cladding around my spine when I realised I had discovered Wonderland – first hand!!

The more I started digging deep into the technology, voraciously lapping up every blog, the podcast and vodcast that the internet could throw my way, the more my childhood memories of Alice In Wonderland kept flooding back to me.

When Alice followed the White Rabbit Down The Rabbit Hole, she had no idea who or what she would face; from the Mad Hatter and the March Hare through to the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. But, Down The Rabbit Hole she found a new world full of riches and challenges that would change her life forever, making her look at her existing world in a completely different way.

The blockchain is absolutely no different. The technology is buried deep down in the geek-ridden cryptographer’s nirvana. Like Alice before, you will need to go through tests and challenges, that will need you to exert some patience, that will need you to have a thirst for knowledge and a mind open to opportunity. It’s a complex journey, but once you understand how the blockchain works and understand how it can be applied, you will have an artist’s pallete in your hand – the picture you paint is up to you.

Alice’s journey Down The Rabbit Hole opened up a new world to her that changed her life forever – and that is why all the themes in the crowdfunding campaign for my book Down The Rabbit Hole are based around Alice In Wonderland – because the blockchain has the same potential for each and every one of us – just ask the Venture Capital community that has already invested $1.5bn to date. For example, the Wonderland flavoured rewards include :

  • The Mad Hatter’s Lunch Party – where two people can join us at the media lunch for the book – where we will have 12 technology journalists around lunch table at a top Sydney restaurant – ideal for tech based organisations that don’t have a PR agent.
  • The Cheshire Cat – constantly grinning because they have everything – including a hardback cover version of the book, an invite to the official launch party and their name in the acknowledgements within the book.

There are loads more rewards on offer including tailoring the book for your business for your clients – ideal for software companies, consultancies but easiest of all, you can just pre-order the book – hardback cover, paperback or digital – its up to you.

So, if like Alice, you want to discover the Blockchain Wonderland for yourself, just head over to our crowdfunding campaign today and grab yourself some of the goodies available and prepare yourself for a journey of discovery that, with an open mind, will open your eyes to a new world pumped full of opportunity that is almost untouched as you head Down The Rabbit Hole


If you are interested in understanding more about the Blockchain, its power and its challenges, why not check out my new book Down The Rabbit Hole, a book for business & non-technical people, like you, to truly understand the Blockchain & to capitalize on its power. Its available on :

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Down The Rabbit Hole

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