Free Webinar: the Blockchain : All Hype and No Substance…? You Decide

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How much of this is true?

How much is media hype?

With over $1bn of Venture Capital having been poured into the sector, something is going on…The BlockChain is like the internet in 1995 – raw but with potential. So…

  • What exactly is the BlockChain?
  • How is it being used ?
  • How will it affect me ? My Organisation?


On Friday 29 January 2016 11am – 12pm (AEDT) we are holding a 45 minute introductory webinar (with 15 mins Q&A afterwards) to answer these key questions & give you an understanding of what the hype is all about; to give you a clear idea of its potential. We will show you real life examples from across the globe so you can see its power in theory & in practice.

Who should attend this webinar?

Those that want a better understanding of the BlockChain & what the fuss is all about and to understand a little of what goes on under the hood. (Technical content will be kept to a minimum)

Who is the trainer?

Tim Lea is a tech entrepreneur that is passionate about the BlockChain. He runs, a BlockChain start-up that builds applications to register assets on the BlockChain. The first application is to prevent video piracy & theft.

Tim got involved in very early 1995 with the internet, setting up an internet cafe-bar & restaurant & a web design house, watching the internet grow from nothing to where it is now & sees the BlockChain as having the potential to be even bigger.

Technical Details:
– We will be using GoToWebinar.- You can join our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.

Programme:– Welcome – What is the BlockChain?- What are Cryptocurrencies? – e.g. Bitcoin – Where is the Power of the BlockChain?- What is the future of the BlockChain?- Real life examples – Q & A

So if you want to understand more about the power of the BlockChain why not Register here today  and get a FREE ticket (25 in all) for our webinar.


Crowd Funding

If you are interested in understanding more about the Blockchain and its power, on November 17 2016 I am releasing a my new book Down The Rabbit Hole, a book for business & non-technical people, like you, to understand the blockchain & to capitalize on its power.

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