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With over $1.2bn of Venture Capital funding having gone into the global Blockchain space, and a further $250m of funding from the crytpocurrency community via Initial Coin Offerings, the Blockchain is increasingly becoming a magnet for investment, entrepreneurs and great ideas. But the Blockchain is not an easy concept to grasp or to explain in 5 words. We want to change that.

Beans, Brekkie and Blockchain is a new breakfast networking event that is, as its name suggests, designed to cut through all the technical complexity to give bite-sized, easy to digest chunks of Blockchain over brekkie in a relaxed environment. It is designed to educate and inform by providing an easy understanding of the power of the Blockchain, by seeing and hearing, first hand, how the technology is being used in practice globally by best-in-class, global entrepreneurs. It will also be an opportunity to mingle (directly and virtually) with like minds, who are embracing this new tsunami of disruption.

We are working busily in the background to bring global experts to the breakfast table via Google Hangouts, who are at head of their fields of expertise; whose businesses are predominantly using Blockchain-based technology. (If you are interested in speaking, please do not hesitate to directly connect with me).

We will have a live fire-side chat, surrounded by beans (coffee) and brekkie to show the potential of the technology and to understand its power. How you use this new power is up to you, but it can be used to improve your business or organisation or who knows, it might even inspire you to create your own Blockchain start-up. Beans, Brekkie and Blockchain is about expanding the ecosystem for all.

The first event will be in Sydney, Australia, on June 22nd so sign up to the networking group today. If there is enough interest, we will consider putting the event out live to outside parties.

If you are interested in sponsoring this networking group, or indeed in helping with the group, please get in touch directly with Tim Lea the organiser. 

If you are new to Blockchain and want to understand the basics of Blockchain, please check out :

For those of you in Sydney, please feel free to share this post with your contacts that may be interested in attending the breakfast event itself, and lets help grow the Blockchain ecosystem.


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