About The Author

Tim Lea

As a Blockchain Entrepreneur and Evangelist I feel I have found my calling…

I have always been a fish out of water as a large corporate employee – not because I don’t believe in what they do – but because it’s all too easy to get frustrated by closed minds, internal politics and a lack of innovation and dynamism.

Whilst overall enjoying my corporate career in corporate finance and banking, working with such great names as GE Capital, HSBC, and Lloyds Bank, the entrepreneurial world has always been calling me and I took the leap of faith when I first came across the internet on February 12th 1995 at 2.16 pm in the afternoon (Yes, it was that cathartic for me!).

Connecting via a 14.4k modem (available in all good technology museums – next to the dinosaurs!) I had my first experience with a webpage that eased its way one line at a time on to the screen in front of me – you know the ones, the off-white concrete block that did the vaguest impersonation of a computer monitor. The first image I saw was from an art gallery 6 miles away, and I said to myself – “I just have to be in this business!”

I plunged deep into the “dot com era” in February 1995, setting up an internet cafe-bar & restaurant and a web design house in the UK, which we sold in 2001, prior to calling Sydney, Australia home.


Here, I followed my passion for screenwriting, culminating in me writing, directing and co-producing an internationally award-winning feature film, 54 Days in 2014.

54 Days

Whilst not a Hollywood movie, our film was pirated – popping up on various sites. The pirates were literally eating our breakfast. Was 116 peoples’ great work worth nothing? Or even less than nothing by having our work stolen.  

Then, in early 2015 I started digging deep into the Blockchain technology, after my earlier dalliances with bitcoin back in 2011.  I had that complete feeling  of “Deja-Vu” – here was the internet from 20 years ago – but with the potential to be even bigger. This is when I started going “Down The Rabbit Hole” of the blockchain for myself…

Blockchain technology is very deep, very wide and very complex but, once you understand it, has some incredible applications – just by adding some magic technical dust and out-of-the-box thinking. And then it hit me… Here was the chance to finally do something about video and film piracy and theft.

I set up Veredictum.io in November 2015 as a platform for film and video producers designed to protect them from theft and piracy and to look at enhanced monetization through new distribution and productivity models.

This was the first stage of a very ambitious technical and strategic road map to ultimately reduce film and video theft by 80%…through a combination of both deterrents and enhanced distribution.

To support this valuable technical and entrepreneurial experience, I am already a published author already in a specialist are of Corporate Finance.

A Guide to Factoring and Invoice Discounting by Tim Lea and Wendy Trollope

What this means to you as a reader of Down The Rabbit Hole is that you can benefit from my knowledge, experience and hard knocks associated with :

  • Having been in:
    • Corporate,
    • Financial Services and
    • Entrepreneurial camps
  • Having worked directly with clients adopting internet-based technologies as they were evolving and developing in the very early days between 1995 – 2000.
  • Being a highly experienced writer or both corporate and creative material.
  • Working directly with the latest blockchain-based technologies (warts and all!),

In summary, I am a total Blockchain evangelist and keen to help grow the ecosystem further by helping people understand what is going on and how to capitalise on the technology. The opportunities are there for the taking if you have an open mind and are prepared to have your eyes opened.

Because of my knowledge and experience I am regularly called upon to speak at conferences, universities and private functions,  and am regularly called upon as a panelist, writer and trainer on the strategic applications of Blockchain. I am delighted to help guide you on your own voyage of discovery of the Blockchain.

You can see a full list of my historic speaking engagements here 

It’s a journey that will lead you to so many greenfield opportunities – how you deal with them is up to you – all I can do is help act as your guide as you head Down The Rabbit Hole.